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Excavating Volsonis...

Many tombstones, altars and other antiquities were found in the excavations, but the most interesting one is probably the altar of Venus, the goddess of Love. It's the only one on the whole east Adriatic coast, from Greece to Italy!


Despite all modern technology, the excavations were done by just 8 workers with spades! 

Moreover, in 4 years of hard work they filled 850 trucks with earth and stones!


Since the opening in 2003, Volsonis has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people, among whom were the world-famous band Simple Minds, Ivo Josipović (former president of Croatia), Mirela Holy (former Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature), Damir Bajs (former Minister of Tourism), Zhi Zhaolin (Chinese ambassador in Croatia)...

Ivo Josipović and Mirela Holy






Zhi Zhaolin (Chinese

ambassador in Croatia)



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